So what are 5 sure fire ways to impress a girl and make her think about you ALL of the time?


Here are some key things you should keep in mind before approaching a girl, to make the conversation last longer and might help kick off your new relationship

The most important factor that prevents people from approaching a girl is the fear of rejection, due to what their face seems scary, nervous, unconfident and that usually ends the ride before it has even begun. So remove that fear, keep a smile, take a deep breath, tell your self that you can do it and just go for it.

Give at least a try, whenever you see a girl at your bar and she is hot but you don’t have courage to approach her, just go and approach her. Regret at later stage that i did not gave a try is always going to be a confidence decrementer. Girls are very sweet and they will never treat or talk harshly to you when you approach her. Chance are that you might get a good conversation started and lots more for the future.

Don’t stand too close to her when talking, it shows the signal that you don’t care for her space and are not respecting her. A Big Turn Off.
Always have some good fragrance coming from you, especially your moth should not stink. So don’t approach to her when you are drunk.
Don’t ever hesitate , they smell it from miles and your chance also get away to miles far.
Look for the situation she is at the moment, realize what she might be thinking and get on to her with power , full on confidence and just comment very intelligently and casually about the situation or things around her.
Get in touch with her friends and involve in laughs with her group and eventually also include her int the jokes and talks, good way to tell her about your sense of humor, girls like to laugh a lot and that will add to your score.
Why is it that five little words can a man disoriented and confused? If you have the eye on some woman, that you be able to impress seems, it that no business to make his shot and it is really about you all the time.

You have to realize that there are certain things that you can do, certain attraction triggers that will work on her.
If you know what they are and how they use it to your advantage, you will be able to want to impress a girl, just.


Here’s how to impress a girl the right way:

You must be able to connect to the right way.
Your timing is VERY important if you want to impress that girl.
Within the first few moments, make sure that this is a positive impression.

To make this happen, you have to be able to establish rapport and chemistry with her.

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